This CD features 18 waltzes played by Marc Teicholz, performed and recorded on 18 different guitars built between 1867 and 2004, all supplied by GSI, and recorded here at the GSI facility in Santa Monica, CA.

24 page booklet includes notes and commentary from both producer David Collett and performer Marc Teicholz, which provides historical and anecdotal details on each instrument as well as insight into the selection process as to how each guitar was “paired” to its piece of music.

From the liner notes:

“As a buyer and seller of fine guitars, I have always wanted to have faithfully record audio ‘snapshots’ of their beautiful voices. While there have been several fine books (and websites) that have displayed elegant photographs of these great instruments, capturing the sounds of these masterpieces has been an elusive and difficult task. This is what we set out to accomplish with this project.”

– DAVID COLLETT, Executive Producer

“Prior to this recording, I confess that my knowledge and even interest in the subtle differences of guitars and guitar building was minimal. I thought a guitar simply had to be ‘good enough.’ While such a principle may be practical and even true, I am now far too corrupted to hold to it. Repeated exposure to the cornucopia of delights that these treasures offer has terminally weakened my resistance. I felt like a Hollywood casting director who could choose any actor for any role. We picked guitars with big distinctive and contrasting personalities: earthy, pure, robust, tender, lyrical, punchy, bright, brooding. So many colors, so many choices-so much fun. I’ve been dissatisfied ever since!”

– MARC TEICHOLZ, Guitarist

Track Listing:
1. Agustín Barrios Mangoré: Vals, Op. 8, #4 (1995 Miguel Rodríguez) 4:27
2. Roland Dyens: Valse en Skai (1921 Santos Hernandez) 4:16
3. Nikita Koshkin: Usher Waltz (1961 Robert Bouchet) 6:51
4. Dušan Bogdanović: Esmeralda’s Waltz (1959 Miguel Rodríguez) 3:23
5. Claude Nougaro: Ile De Ré (2004 Edmund Blöchinger) 5:39
6. Gilbert Biberian: November Leaves (1958 Hermann Hauser II) 2:38
7. Frédéric Chopin: Grande Valse Brillante, Op. 18 (1970 Daniel Friederich) 6:22
8. Sergei Prokofiev: Pushkin Waltz #2 (1937 Hermann Hauser I w/tornavoz) 4:12
9. Antonio Lauro: Vals venezolano #3 “Natalia” (1958 Hernández y Aguado) 1:40
10. Miguel Llobet: Scherzo-vals (19?? Enrique Garcia) 3:32
11. Manuel Ponce: Valse (1967 Ignacio Fleta e hijos) 2:31
12. Paulo Bellinati: Um Amor de Valsa (1927 Domingo Esteso) 3:23
13. Heitor Villa-Lobos: Valsa-Chôro (1951 Marcelo Barbero) 4:51
14. Scott Joplin: Pleasant Moments-Ragtime Waltz (1867 Torres w/tornavoz) 4:18
15. Sérgio Assad: Valseana (1936 Hermann Hauser I) 2:42
16. William Walton: Bagatelle #2 (1967 David “Jose” Rubio) 3:25
17. Anibal Augusto Sardinha “Garôto”: Desvairada (2003 Pepe Romero) 3:52
18. Johannes Brahms: Waltz, Op. 39, #15 (1888 Antonio de Torres) 2:16

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